Saturday, January 2, 2016

January Two Twenty Sixteen

Sun 12:46Am
Listening to Life Is Worth Living by Justin Bieber

Hello. First blog for two thousand sixteen, a little late though. Just gonna write some highlights from what happened on the first two days of January.

January 01:
Nothing momentous happened but of course time spent with my kids will always be best time, best day ever. We just had fun playing around our new trimmed field. My brother burned some dead grass living black ashes where my eldest son played. That smile, laugh just makes everyday the best. I was carrying my second son and a little later I made him walk bare foot on the soil. I think exposing them to nature is one great fun learning experience.

Before this day ended, I felt sick. Runny nose, sneezing almost every second. Good thing I have medicines available making it a little easier to me.

January 02:
The First best day ever (aside from the days with my sons). BEST? Because today my sister Nahda, our youngest treated me. Yes, she spoiled me today. First we watched movie, Haunted Mansion a film from the MMFF entry. Obviously it's a horror film. It was good, scary on the first part. Then we went to look for something  to eat and there we met Retch with his family. We ate Chinitos rice in a box and takuyaki. What a small world, we saw Winchi a very close friend and had a little chitchat. Shortly after eating we went to buy some grocery and after that retch bid good bye. And then we went to National Bookstore and the book I've been looking for is now available, Besties by Georgina Wilson and Solenn Heussaff. Unfortunately I don't have enough money with me but to my surprise Nahda went to the counter and bought the book for me. I was a happy kid.  She really know I want that book, it was always unavailable every time we go there.

That was it, best day ever. All expenses paid by her. HAHAHAHA

*Too tired to insert some photos. Im just gonna post it on my next blog. Bye for now, feeling sleepy already. zzZZZz  -_-

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Man Standing On the Dark

Tue 1:28am
I Love You Always Forever by Donna Lewis on bg song

"The night was young but dark
On the road staring aimlessly
Sitting still in the car
beside the window
I saw you from a far
Standing on the street
With a light of cigarette
Your long dark hair
I can feel our eyes met
Then felt a sudden feeling
That moment in the night
I never knew
When I saw you standing in the dark 
You will give meaning to my life
The missing piece
The epitome of my heart"

-The Man Standing On The Dark
Miss Black

Seriously, this is how I first saw the man of my life, my betterment. :)

Saturday, November 14, 2015

My FB status.

Sat 9:00pm

Because I am not confident of posting what I wrote earlier, I have a shorter version. Hehehe I've always been like this ever since, that's why i keep my thoughts, my write ups here where nobody can read. I don't feel confident, I feel what i wrote is wrong, full of wrong grammars actually. Hahaha I am not good in english ever since gradeschool but I know English. Hahahaha Anyways here it is.

"In my life, I met that someone born on the 14th. Unexpectedly, I fell head over heels with that someone I met. And eventually that someone I met became my better half. With that someone I met, two bundles of joy came into my life. That someone I met I so much love. And that someone I met is you Gaucho Dakota. ❤"

That someone I met.

Sat 8:30pm
Listening to If I Could Fly by One Direction 

In my life,
I've seen different people.
Famous, infamous, beautiful, handsome and the not so.
I've been with different people.
Hang out with them, from dust till dawn.
In my life,
I've visited different places.
Places I'd love to visit over and over again.

In my life,
I met someone and became close to him in an unexpected way.
And most unexpectedly I fell for that someone, head over heels.
I felt insanely sane with that someone I met.
That someone I met eventually became my love, turning my world upside down.
And even in the worst situation, that someone i met never let me go the second time around.

In my life,
I've been down to my worst.
I've got almost all the misfortunes.
But in my life, aside from my family
I have someone I met who made me weak but strong most of the time.
With that someone I met, I have two more life boosters, our sons Y & Z.

And that someone I met was born on the 14th of November.
Exactly 31 years from yesterday, that someone I met was destined to me.
That someone I met was named, NAJM NUR.
The name deeply engraved in my heart and in my soul.
The name I will never forget. The name I love the most.

In my life, that someone I met became my better half. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Last day of October. Last.

Wed 8:36pm
Listening to Adelles Hello

Writing about the last day of October, the 31st. It marks my  last day of work at Journey to Wellness and Tranquility, a specialty clinic. I was the clinic nurse. I'm scheduled to go back to my husbands hometown with in this month (November). It serves as my despedida party though we really didn't party, it's against our belief. I just bought pizza, lasagna and chicken wings for us to have a little chitchat snacks party. That day It didn't felt like it was my last day, I was just really enjoying the day. Since It was my last day, I thought of wearing something unusual. Well I'm really not the type of girl who wears dress or skirts, heels or wedges. I love jeans and sneakers. To cut it short, I was wearing a dress with my yellow cardigans but still with my sneaks on. To sum it up, we had a great day. Down are some of the photos that day. Enjoy watching, thanks!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Imperfect but Perfect

Sun 09:25pm
Listening to One Directions Perfect

Hello. Well i was supposed to write about what happened today. But because of the song Perfect by One Direction, Gaucho came into my mind. Just a glimpse of today, we had our Personality Development session with Dra. Abutazil.

Gaucho, known as Tato is my first and In Shaa Allah my last love.
He suddenly came into my mind the moment I heard the song. I can actually say I am perfect for him. (With confidence? hahaha ) We are so much opposite from each other. And  I think that's the thing that made us perfect for each other. We are the evidence of "opposite attracts". FYI he's almost the opposite of my dream boy. HAHAHA But he made me fall for him, head over heels. See the irony of love, true love.

Let me start with myself. In love or let me say, with him I'm sweet/romantic thoughtful, understanding and patient. These are only some out of the million things. HAHAHAH

Sweet/Romantic, Thoughtful.
I am sweet/romantic in a way that I want our relationship to be like those in a romantic movies. I want romantic dates, surprise gifts, chocolates, sweet letters, happy talks, couple laughs. I did it, I did almost all these things. My thoughtfulness is almost at its edge when it comes to him, I see to it that I have something to give him, may it be just a simple letter or a piece of wood I would pick and write something like "bird and bear" and "i love you". I gave him surprise gifts almost every month, you know the monthsary thing. But unfortunately we started as a secret couple so we can not do the dates, the couples laughs where barkada laughs and the happy talks where DOTA talks. An again unfortunately after 3months, he left and we entered the long distance relationship. But it was never a hindrance to me. To cut it sort, I send him surprise gifts thru LBC.

Patient, Understanding.
In terms of patience, I can confidently say I have the longest. In big arguments or even with the smallest arguments I'm always the first one to say sorry. I do my best in understanding him and us. I can patiently wait for him though he never came late in dates or meetings.

Well him, he is not totally that kind of guy. He is not sweet or romantic the way I want it. But he is sweet and romantic in his own way, the "Gaucho Dakota way", the "kuya tato moves" (from my sisters words). He does not surprise me all the time but he surprises me, as in literally. I remember on our first anniversary, he came to visit me. With the help of my sister, he surprised me with a cake, flower and dinner date with them. I actually got furious that night because I thought he forgot. Another surprise was last February 14 2012. It was really memorable and reminiscing about it just gives me euphoria. That day, I was feeling so down because of the fight we had the night before. But when I woke up, I received a sweet message from him. And before the night end, I received a rose and a cake from him. It was so unlikely of him to ask a favor from someone especially when it's about love and that made it so momentous. On our first wedding anniversary, he made all the effort to bridge the thousand miles between us just to make me feel love, special and unforgotten. He asked my sister to buy me a bouquet of flowers, a cake and a card.

See the Gaucho Dakota way I'm saying. I just can't get enough with his surprise, it was all literally a surprise. These are only some.

Anyways I need to park my hand here becasue my son is crying out loud. Bye.
To be continued...

Mon 3:06am
Listening Photograph by Ed Sheeran

In terms of patience and understanding, he is the typical kind of guy who can not wait for a long period of time, who can not understand the typical kind of girl. But in terms of my immaturity and stupidity, he has his way of understanding me and prolonging his patience. Like in some petty fights with have, usually when I'm in my PMS, the ever curse mood swings, tactlessness and irritability.

See? It's really an irony how things work. Writing about this again made me realize, we are just meant to be. We are imperfect but perfect for each other. The things that he doesn't do makes a hopeless romantic out of me but at the same time the things that he do makes me believe in fairy tales and romantic movies. 

But like I always say: "We are not like the movies. We are no fairy tales. We don't have a happy ending, because You and I will never end".

Yes, In Shaa Allah forever and beyond and in jannah with him.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

May 17, 2015   3:34PM
Listening to Birdy, Skinny Love.

It's been almost two years since my last post, how time flies. In that two years, a lot of things happened. The foreseen and unforeseen happened, the inevitable. The reality of life and love knock me like a punch from Manny. All the positive and negative thoughts of yesterday, today and tomorrow suddenly came rushing. Anyways, let me park my hand now. Soon I'll be writing some of my stories. :)