Sunday, May 26, 2013

All Saints/Souls Day.

A one night and day disatrous but one of a kind blissful experience. This is just the first part of our catastarophic but euphoric journey. Enjoying the fruits of our labor, wasting at our own expense.Writing this head up high and proud.

Itinerary: Zamboanga-Dipolog-Dapitan v.v
Tour: Sunset Boulevard, Dapitan Plaza, Gloria's FantasyLand, Dakak Beach Resort

November, not the month I expected to go traveling. It was the night of All Saints Day when me and my PIE met at Guiwan terminal to ride a bus going to Dipolog. 8:30PM, that's our meeting time thinking that it is early. But unfortunately the bus schedule is 4AM. OMG!!! 7hrs of waiting in a terminal not so relaxing without even a comfortable chair is tormenting but still we decided to stay and sufferly wait. Instead of sinking in to the torments we have, we just reminisced previous happy moments and spend the night with senseless talks, laughter, singing, napping a bit, but no camwhoring because of the fear of snatchers around. Though we manage to take some pictures with not so beautiful faces.

 Center/Left: Me and my forever fan and kroong kroong twin Corie. We remained awake and became the ugliest face of the night. HAHAHAHA Right: Lovebirds Apple and Kooloot  naps. (at Guiwan Bus Terminal)


God is so merciful that he sent an angel to whisper the driver "Change schedule to 2am". And yes finally, 4hrs of butt ache has come to its end. Though the bus left at 4AM, at least we are now in a comfortable position.

I haven't slept much during the travel, just a little nap, soundtrippin and camwhoring.

All Souls Day, finally touched down at Dipolog. By the way our destination is Dapitan. Travel period is a bit long. From Zamboanga City we have to take a bus to Dipolog which will take us 6hrs and then from there we will have to ride a tricycle to Dapitan, a 30-45minutes ride.

The tricycle ride. Haggard, sleepless and tired but obviously excited!

Our plan was originally to stay in a "bamboo like" inn or pension house at the sunset boulevard. But lamentably we were'nt able to find it. It was also stupid of us not to search it via internet. We happen to pass by a pension house named Monina's, fronting boulevard, sea and sunset view but unluckily it was full. They still have another branch but it is found with in the plaza of Dapitan. Hoping to still find one, we kept looking and asking places fronting it but end up unsuccessful. So with no choice left, we decided to stay at Monina's Pension. Good thing the palce is wi-fi ready.

Monina's Pension reception area.

I have a little story to tell. When we arrived at Monina's, we where asking ofcourse the receptionist about the room rate and the like. It was 700php/night and we book ourselves for 2nights, a total of 1,400php. It was part of the deal to pay a downpayment, half of the total price. Instead of paying half which is 700, I paid 1,000. It was my mistake that I didn't ask a receipt when I left the reception area, went to our room, unpacked and left to go down town to grab some brunch. When we came back, shockingly, the receptionist called my attention and told me that I just gave 200php! OMG I was like, whaaaaaat????!!! I said NO, and firmly stand that I gave her 1,000php! I was really pretty sure about the amount I gave her because the only bill left in my wallet was a 500 and 1,000 bill. I don't have loose money that time since I just withdraw from the bank spitting out only 500 and 1,000php. I got so choleric, annoyed and  fiery, don't tell me they will let me pay that remaining 800. I calmed myself and then talked again to the receptionist. She look so pitiful, miserably pre-occupied and sad. She then told me that if it'll be fine with me, both of us will just pay. Half of it will be mine and hers. I told her I'd ask first my friends. My friends were like "grabe man yan si ate mamodus" and the like but ofcourse, we're not bad enough not to agree. We'll just leave it to God if she's telling the truth or not. So there, it was settled.

 Bedtime Stories. 

First day brunch at Kan-Anan.

After taking our brunch, we went back, took a shower and a long rest. The night is to come, the most unforgettale event of this short time vacation.

This will be the end.
I will write about our tour separately.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Just droppin' by.

It's been a while. I've been thinking of writing or blogging again. I have so much to blog actually. Was just busy with things and now that I'm finally back, maybe I'll be doing this more often. Anyways. that's all. Goodbye. ^_^ 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Not so ordinary day.

April 30 2013

Today seems to be just an ordinary day until I got my eye stucked to my calendar. It's already the 30th of April. Time flies so fast, just 7 years ago I was on cloud 9 with love. Many things have changed, from heaven to hell but one thing didn't, WE.  The roller coaster of our against all odd kind of love is the biggest evidence  that true love, forever and beyond truly exist. Though we're still glued with chapter two,  I know someday soon our book of love will finally have the next chapter. May it not be now but soon.

To be continued..