Thursday, September 29, 2011

Keeping the dream alive.

Have i told you that i dream of becoming a model? I know sometimes dreams are just dreams and almost equal to hopelessness. But with the help of some friends and family, 
sometimes these dreams can be just an inch closer to reality. 
A bunch of thanks to them and also to those who believes. 

I love to pose for a picture, with that i feel like a cover girl or be part of an exhibit in the portrait category. After watching the movie Closer starring Julia Roberts, Jude Law and the like, I wanted to have an exhibit on my own, both me as the artist and the exhibit/model.

Of course it will be an "Exhibit for A Cause", for cancer patients maybe.
Be the first to take a peek. 

Good Morning Vietnam.
Photograph by Norhassim Sinarimbo, my cousin.

Smile behind window bars.
Photograph by Norhassim Sinarimbo

Rufio Smoke.
Photograph by me.

Dakota on a cold summer morning.
Photograph by me.

Photograph by Corie Tugado, my friend.
Enhanced by Abdu Rio, my cou-friend.

Hope you liked it.
Thank you and have a nice day.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The story of the bird and the bear.

I already wrote about 20 lines and uploaded two photos for this but unfortunately something went wrong and lost everything. And now i feel too lazy to write again. I'll just have to write it some other time. 

By the way, i miss the bear so i decided to reminisce some happy times that's why. 
Listening to Avril Lavigne's Wish you were here. And how i really wish, he was here.

I guess that's it for today.
Boring me.

Have A Nice Day.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Confession of a Frustrated Photographer.

As you can see, I am not a photographer. I haven't even tried attending a photography class, although i want to. I don't know much about it. But i do know what i want. It's a hobby actually; taking pictures of anything specially natures beauty. It satisfy my disappointment of becoming a professional photographer. When i see my photographs beautifully taken, i come one step closer to my dream, but when i see others "almost perfect" photography, i lose hope in becoming one. But as time goes by, like today; everybody or most of the people enroll in photography class. I don't know if they really want to or they just what to be part of the "youths transitional trend". Most of the people buy those overpriced camera. Since they have it, they call themselves photographer, there photographs as photography and the like. As i was studying my photographs and listen to some of my friends and family's comments, i thought of something. You don't have to own an overpriced camera to be called a photographer, or enroll in a photography class to be the like. We create ourselves as well as we create what we create. It's in ones passion to become one. For me, I create beautiful pictures in spite of my old school camera and need not need anyones comment or approval to post it. I made it, and it's only me who can say if it's beautiful or not.
As what they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Down are some of my favorites photographs. Behind every photo, there is a story.
You can check my Facebook account for many photos,

Took this while i was inside the car. Where on our way to our hotel. This was my firts visit in Cebu City so i took a lot of pictures around the city as a remembrance. This is the best of it.
The sunset is my favorite part of the day. With its beauty my sorrow fades away as the sun fades away from the sky. Taken during one of our girl-talks-walk in Zamboanga City's Boulevard.

This is my favorite. I took the hardest time in getting it perfectly done. For me it's perfect, i just don't know with you.  Considering the label, with my name on it with the devil on its side. perhaps it reality, i have a black devil on my side but his not evil, his an angel but a devil in disguise. 

The Butterfly effect. they say it's a sign. After all the coincidences with my butterfly sign experience, i sometimes do believe that yes it is truly is a sign. Black is for death while brown is for money, i still don't know what does white mean. When i took this photo, i was reminded by my mother. I thought it was her, visiting me. by the way, she's already gone.

This one has the most like in my Facebook "photograph" album. It's beautiful. A dream of having a yacht is far away from becoming a reality but this photo makes me one step closer. taken at Manila Baywalk while having a walk.

He's a dear friend. A mean but sweet friend. I miss him a lot. He's one of my critique.

I just love this Marriot experience, it's one hell of an experience. A must never-to-be-forgotten. The ambiance is really nice though dark but so relaxing. A perfect place to sit and read your favorite book, with a coffee or cold drink on the table. By the way, you can see the pool side on the end of the room.