Friday, January 27, 2012

in the same sentence

Part of the fantasy of every betrayed person is that one day,
the person who hurt you will come back and
answer all your questions and apologize for hurting you.

But the thing is..
They won't. They'll die liars and will feel good about themselves.
That's how selfish they are. They can't give you closure, you have to find it yourself.

You get angry with them. then you get over them.
Bless them in your mind and have peace with yourself.
When or if that person comes back, you can say "Hi" and "Goodbye" in the same sentence.

something to say..

It's true most of the time but i guess not all.
There are also some who are brave enough to admit their mistakes
and say "Sorry" and "Goodbye" or "Hi" and "Sorry" in the same sentence.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Black january

Since this is my first blog for this year, might as well post about the first thing i did.

PHOTO SHOOTS with my friend Jerna and Winchi.

This shots were taken last January 2, 2012 at Ebenezer
by Jerna Mae Salmani or German Isaac Salmon in Facebook.

We were in a hurry because of the pouring rain,
still turned out cool and great though.

I miss doing this that's why i had so much fun.
Enjoyed it in spite of the bad weather.

And here they are, my models/photographers.

   Winchi Inthenone                    German Isaac Salmon