Monday, November 14, 2011

It's his birthday.. ♥

Today is 11.14.2011. it's my dears birthday so i'm gonna blog about it.
Actually todays my first time to post a picture of us together.
The awkwardness just kills me to death.

 Meet the birthday boy, Gaucho Dakota in Facebook.
Tato to everyone and my dear Najm to me.

Yes we are miles apart and because i am thoughtful, i prepared something for him.
I took a picture of us, me and his cute little bear gifts to me with a birthday cake to send our greetings to him, well of course via wall post in Facebook.

I have two photos but i posted only one in his wall  and this was it.
I kinda like the other one but this one shows a little sweetness in me made by my smile and my eyes.
below is the caption i posted. hahahaha ^___^v

"We might not be in good terms the past few days but my love for you is still the same. Nothing has changed and nothing will be. I'm missing you more today than yesterday. I may be miles away but in my heart you'll stay. Happy Birthday my dear Najm. I love you so much, forever and beyond. 11/14/11."

This is the other photo, the one i like.
I find it cool and beautiful. hahaha

You might be wondering what the card is all about, well i  really send it to him together with my simple present. It's a sorry note and of course a greeting. We we're not in good terms a couple of days, but we're still together.
We'll always be, together or apart.

It took me a while to decide what to give him. I was thingking of giving him the Beatles shirt, again a shirt. He got a lot of it and i already gave him a lot of it. It's time for a change and this is what i thought a change could be. hehehe

a closer look to it. obvioulsy i opened it. ^__^

That's all for it.
by the way until this time of the day, my package is nowhere to be found.
it's not yet delivered to him, time is running.
LBC is ruining my surprise. I hate it.
Hope he can get it on time before 11.14.2011 will end.

 By the way, they are my baby bears,
meet Cream, Blackbird and Cookiebear.

Thank You & Happy Birthday My Dear Najm.
Love you whenever we're together,
Love you when we're apart.

Have A Nice Day. ^__^