Thursday, September 29, 2011

Keeping the dream alive.

Have i told you that i dream of becoming a model? I know sometimes dreams are just dreams and almost equal to hopelessness. But with the help of some friends and family, 
sometimes these dreams can be just an inch closer to reality. 
A bunch of thanks to them and also to those who believes. 

I love to pose for a picture, with that i feel like a cover girl or be part of an exhibit in the portrait category. After watching the movie Closer starring Julia Roberts, Jude Law and the like, I wanted to have an exhibit on my own, both me as the artist and the exhibit/model.

Of course it will be an "Exhibit for A Cause", for cancer patients maybe.
Be the first to take a peek. 

Good Morning Vietnam.
Photograph by Norhassim Sinarimbo, my cousin.

Smile behind window bars.
Photograph by Norhassim Sinarimbo

Rufio Smoke.
Photograph by me.

Dakota on a cold summer morning.
Photograph by me.

Photograph by Corie Tugado, my friend.
Enhanced by Abdu Rio, my cou-friend.

Hope you liked it.
Thank you and have a nice day.