Saturday, November 14, 2015

My FB status.

Sat 9:00pm

Because I am not confident of posting what I wrote earlier, I have a shorter version. Hehehe I've always been like this ever since, that's why i keep my thoughts, my write ups here where nobody can read. I don't feel confident, I feel what i wrote is wrong, full of wrong grammars actually. Hahaha I am not good in english ever since gradeschool but I know English. Hahahaha Anyways here it is.

"In my life, I met that someone born on the 14th. Unexpectedly, I fell head over heels with that someone I met. And eventually that someone I met became my better half. With that someone I met, two bundles of joy came into my life. That someone I met I so much love. And that someone I met is you Gaucho Dakota. ❤"

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