Saturday, November 14, 2015

That someone I met.

Sat 8:30pm
Listening to If I Could Fly by One Direction 

In my life,
I've seen different people.
Famous, infamous, beautiful, handsome and the not so.
I've been with different people.
Hang out with them, from dust till dawn.
In my life,
I've visited different places.
Places I'd love to visit over and over again.

In my life,
I met someone and became close to him in an unexpected way.
And most unexpectedly I fell for that someone, head over heels.
I felt insanely sane with that someone I met.
That someone I met eventually became my love, turning my world upside down.
And even in the worst situation, that someone i met never let me go the second time around.

In my life,
I've been down to my worst.
I've got almost all the misfortunes.
But in my life, aside from my family
I have someone I met who made me weak but strong most of the time.
With that someone I met, I have two more life boosters, our sons Y & Z.

And that someone I met was born on the 14th of November.
Exactly 31 years from yesterday, that someone I met was destined to me.
That someone I met was named, NAJM NUR.
The name deeply engraved in my heart and in my soul.
The name I will never forget. The name I love the most.

In my life, that someone I met became my better half. 

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