Saturday, January 2, 2016

January Two Twenty Sixteen

Sun 12:46Am
Listening to Life Is Worth Living by Justin Bieber

Hello. First blog for two thousand sixteen, a little late though. Just gonna write some highlights from what happened on the first two days of January.

January 01:
Nothing momentous happened but of course time spent with my kids will always be best time, best day ever. We just had fun playing around our new trimmed field. My brother burned some dead grass living black ashes where my eldest son played. That smile, laugh just makes everyday the best. I was carrying my second son and a little later I made him walk bare foot on the soil. I think exposing them to nature is one great fun learning experience.

Before this day ended, I felt sick. Runny nose, sneezing almost every second. Good thing I have medicines available making it a little easier to me.

January 02:
The First best day ever (aside from the days with my sons). BEST? Because today my sister Nahda, our youngest treated me. Yes, she spoiled me today. First we watched movie, Haunted Mansion a film from the MMFF entry. Obviously it's a horror film. It was good, scary on the first part. Then we went to look for something  to eat and there we met Retch with his family. We ate Chinitos rice in a box and takuyaki. What a small world, we saw Winchi a very close friend and had a little chitchat. Shortly after eating we went to buy some grocery and after that retch bid good bye. And then we went to National Bookstore and the book I've been looking for is now available, Besties by Georgina Wilson and Solenn Heussaff. Unfortunately I don't have enough money with me but to my surprise Nahda went to the counter and bought the book for me. I was a happy kid.  She really know I want that book, it was always unavailable every time we go there.

That was it, best day ever. All expenses paid by her. HAHAHAHA

*Too tired to insert some photos. Im just gonna post it on my next blog. Bye for now, feeling sleepy already. zzZZZz  -_-

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