Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Latest Addiction.


I know it sounds alluring but it's not.
The addiction i'm telling is as simple as it is. Everybody can do this.
It's funny and i know it's weird of me, but i kinda enjoyed doing it.
And this is it, making my own trip slideshow.
By the way i made it yesterday, together.
I told you i am addicted to it.
hahaha.. ^__^

This was December of 2010.
My family and I went to Cotabato City to visit some relative
and of course to have a vacation.
We went to visit my cousins farm and had so much fun.
We've always been in the city,
and wild life has always been new to us.
I love nature though.
An escapade.

 And this was during summer 2011.
I already wrote about it on my earlier blog,
you might want to read it.

Thank You!
Hope you enjoyed watching my not-so-cool video.
Hahahaha :D

Have A Nice Day.

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